movie: 犬と私の10の約束

1. Give me time to understand what you want of me
2. Place your trust in me- it's crucial to my Well-being.
3. Be aware that however you treat me, I'll never forget it.
4. Before you scold me for being uncooperative obstinate or lazy, ask yourself if something might be bothering me. Perhaps I'm not getting the right food or I've been out in the sun too long or my heart is getting old and weak.
5. Talk to me. Even if I don't understand your words, I understand your voice when it's speaking to me.
6. Remember before you hit me that l have teeth that could easily crush the bones of your hand but that I choose not to bite you.
7. Take care of me when I get old ; you, too, will grow old.
8. You have your work, your entertainment and your friends. I have only you.
9. My life is likely to last ten to fifteen years. Any separation from you will be painful for me. Remember that before you get alone with me.
10. Go with me on difficult journeys. Never say, "I can't bear to watch it ." or " Let it happen in my absence." Everything is easier for me if you are there. Remember I love you

本日2本目は『犬と私の10の約束』です。レイトショーで。さすがに一日2本は時間置かないと厳しい。。でも久々に劇場で邦画を観ました。洋画続きだったので・・・。で、"犬の十戒" を元にしたこの映画ですが、私は犬を飼ったことがないので共感は乏しいのかもしれません。でも犬は人間に忠実で、人間も古くから犬を必要としていたので、この両者の繋がりは理解できます。

要するに大事なのは上記 "8" と "10" と思いました。「私にはあなたしかいません」「最後のその時まで一緒にいて欲しい」。一つの命を育てる者の使命・義務・責務・・・。う~ん、将来的にもし、仮にペットを飼うことがあったら、これを考えよう。。

あと主題歌『be with you. by BoA』がエンドロールで流れますが、どうせ時間あるんだからフルバージョンで流して欲しかった・・・^^;


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